Republican Senators Propose Changes To Asylum

A proposal from the Republican Senate would drastically change how asylum for unaccompanied minors are handled:

  • The proposal says that children under 18 years old from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras who want to apply for asylum will have to apply outside of the United States at designated application processing centers in Central America.

  • Children seeking asylum must also meet other criteria, including having a qualified parent or guardian in the United States who can take them into their custody.They can’t have an outstanding deportation order nor have been previously deported or denied asylum. They also can’t be a public safety or national security risk.

  • No more than 50,000 application referrals per fiscal year, and no more than 15,000 asylum grants per fiscal year.Currently, there are no quotas on asylum applications or approvals per year. Currently there are no caps

  • There would be no appeal to a Judge for a denial.

It is likely were this to pass it would be challenged in Court.

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