More Problems For Green Card Applicants

Starting February 24'th new regulations will be in place to make the process of applying for a green car

d more difficult. The new policy will give preference to those with higher education, a good credit score and those who speak English. Oh, and we are not talking about the Petitioner . We are referring to the beneficiary. The one coming to America. Using the Public Charge ground of inadmissibility the Trump Administration has issued new policies. After February 24th, new applicants for a green card ( with certain exceptions) will have to provide a long list of information to prove that they will not go on US welfare. In other words become a public charge.

These things include a credit score,copies of transcripts and educational degrees, and any certificate that shows you speak English. The process is estimated to take an additional four hours. If at all possible file before February 24th to avoid these onerous requirements.

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